This page contains a series of country profiles with data on protected areas, protected species and habitats, ecosystems. It contrasts data on coverage and overlaps between networks of protected areas under national law as well as Natura 2000, shows details on the extent and size of protection as well as the protection system and conservation status of taxa and habitats.

European countries offer a huge variety of terrestrial and marine habitats and are a hotspot of biological diversity. Based on the common task of protecting ecosystems and their communities, EU Member States have made significant efforts to designate protected areas, including but not limited to the world's largest network of protected areas, Natura 2000.

Data sources used in the Country Profiles

It is possible to downlaod the data displayed in each chart, together with the basic matadata (in .CSV format), directly from the Country profiles page. You can access and download the source datasets of the Country profiles also from the list below.

Introductory section

Protected Areas:

Protected species

Protected habitats