Protecting ecosystems and biodiversity are key policy targets in the EU’s biodiversity strategy for 2030 and the European Green Deal. EU and national policy makers require information on the extent and condition of ecosystems to improve their management. This page presents the EEA’s work on ecosystem accounting, developed within the European Commission project on accounting for ecosystems and their services EU INCA.


This webpage provides access to more detailed technical outputs that the EEA has developed as part of the EU INCA project and beyond. Please consult the sections below for details on different ecosystem accounting outputs
An overview of EEA work on ecosystem accounting within is available via these two publications:

Ecosystem extent accounts give insight into the share of different ecosystem types in the European land area and how that changes over time. The following report on ecosystem accounts for Europe, 2000 – 2018 gives detailed insight into approach and results of EEA ecosystem extent accounts:

Users can explore the European ecosystem extent accounts directly via this interactive data viewer.

Pilot ecosystem condition accounts

Classifying ecosystem services

Further EEA ecosystem accounting outputs

Development of land and water accounts as foundation for ecosystem accounts

Outputs and workshops relating to methodological questions and account implementation: