At the country level, the project Demonstrating and promoting natural values to support decision-making in Romania”  implements the MAES process in Romania and has the following aims:

  • The public policy analysis aims to assess the level of integration of the concept of ecosystems and ecosystem services (ecosystemic approach) in public policy for the period 2014-2020 in order to develop recommendations on integrating the results of mapping and biophysical assessments in decision-making processes. The areas of public policies analyzed are: biodiversity, climate change, fishing and aquaculture, agriculture and sustainable development, transport, energy, regional development, tourism, and marine and forest areas. It was made an inventory of the responsible institutions, an institutional map and a questionnaire to identify institutional needs related to the MAES process
  • Analysis and data management for the MAES process. This is done by taking the following directions: identification of data sources, analysis of the availability, analysis of the representativeness and of the update policies, data integration in the conceptual model and in the physical model of data organization. All these directions are in continuous development both regarding the contribution of the project partners, of the representatives of the Scientific Council and of the contributors to the core national research system
  • Mapping and biophysical assessment of the priority ecosystems and ecosystem services (the MAES process itself). There were achieved major results regarding:
  1. mapping ecosystems at the national level, achieving "Ecosystems classification in Romania EUNICE 3" (intermediate version) the development of tools for updating this distribution (land field guide to identify the ecosystems, methodological guide for assessing the ecosystem services)
  2. the selection of methods for assessing the ecosystem services that are carried out continuously based on the matrix of indicators and on the comparative analysis of existing methods.

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