The Environment Department of the Ministry for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure launched the development of a methodological guide for the implementation of the MAES in Luxembourg at the end of 2013 (final version delivered in march 2014 by the contractor). Based on this guide, the minister in charge prioritized 12 ecosystem services to be mapped by the end of 2014. At the beginning of 2014, a meeting with relevant stakeholders was arranged to present and discuss the MAES approach for Luxembourg and to ensure that all relevant data for the MAES would be made available by the different administrations (agriculture, environment (nature, forest, air, noise, climate), tourism) and public research institutes. Bilateral meetings with the data holders took place after this meeting and currently the Habitat Quality Mapping (ecosystem assessment with a methodology developed for the restoration of ecosystems using national fine scale datasets) and the Ecosystem services mapping are ongoing. Concerning TEEB, a preliminary exploratory TEEB study for Luxembourg had already been undertaken in 2012, but data gathering had turned out to be a major problem. Now, the MAES process in Luxembourg is overcoming this problem.

  For additional information see the ESMERALDA country fact sheet