MAES-related developments in Austria

MAES related activities in Austria focused on the development of biodiversity indicators. For this, several studies have been conducted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, also dealing with Ecosystem Services. Aim of a was to assess the condition and importance of biological diversity in Austria, to describe Ecosystem Services in a common language and to depict possible conflicts, e. g. effects of soil sealing on various services. The mapping and assessing of ecosystems and their services is also part of the .Other activities so far were undertaken by the Environment Agency Austria, such as a national wide mapping of ecosystems based on the EUNIS classification (105 classes from level 2 to 4) with a spatial resolution of 10 x 10 metres.

Mapping and assessing of a set of Ecosystem Services on a regional level was conducted within the project  for two case studies in Römerland Carnuntum and Oststeirisches Kernland. A presented an inventory of ecosystem services in agricultural context, an followed in 2015. Also in 2015, a of ecosystem services. Furthermore, contributions were made to the project by examining the costs of climate change and its effects on two ecosystem services (pest control and pollination).

On European scale activities included the participation in MESEU or contributions, e.g. to the creation of the Map of European ecosystem types based on the EUNIS classification and ecosystem assessment as part of ETC-SIA. Further activities regarding mapping and assessing of ecosystems and their services are planned.

Studies etc. on Biodiversity:

BMLFUW (2006): Entwicklung eines Konzeptes für ein Biodiversitäts-Monitoring (MOBI-e)

BMLFUW (2009): Indikatoren-Bericht zur Biodiversität in Österreich

BMLFUW (2013): Zustand und Bedeutung der biologischen Vielfalt in Österreich 

BMLFUW (2014): Biodiversitäts-Strategie Österreich 2020

Studien/Projekte Umweltbundesamt:

Peterseil (2014?): Karte der Habitattypen in Österreich (2014)

Bartel, A., Ferner, B., Freudenschuß, S. et al. (2013). MUFLAN - MULTIFUNKTIONALE LANDSCHAFTEN. Aktionsprogramme zur multifunktionalen, ökologisch optimierten Nutzung von Landschaft und Umweltressourcen Teil 1 – Zusammenfassender Endbericht. Umweltbundesamt Report REP-0419, Wien. 54pp.

Götzl, M., Schwaiger, E., Sonderegger, G., Süßenbacher, E. (2011). ÖKOSYSTEMLEISTUNGEN UND LANDWIRTSCHAFT. Erstellung eines Inventars für Österreich. Umweltbundesamt Report REP-0355, Wien. 48pp.

Götzl, M., Schwaiger, E., Schwarzl, B., Sonderegger, G (2015). ÖKOSYSTEMLEISTUNGEN DES WALDES. Erstellung eines Inventars für Österreich. Umweltbundesamt Report REP-0544, Wien. 59pp.

Schwaiger, E. Berthold, A., Gaugitsch, H., Götzl, M., Milota, E. Mirtl, M., Peterseil, J., Sonderegger, G., Stix, S. (2015). WIRTSCHAFTLICHE BEDEUTUNG VON ÖKOSYSTEMLEISTUNGEN. Monetäre Bewertung: Risiken und Potenziale. Umweltbundesamt Report REP-0523, Wien. 77pp.

COIN – Cost of inaction. Assessing the Cots of Climate Change for Austria.


Date: (25/09/15)