when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Baltic Sea' then 'BALTIC SEA'
  when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Black Sea' then 'BLACK SEA'
  when EEA_marine_assessment_area='North East Atlantic Ocean' then 'NORTH-EAST ATLANTIC OCEAN'
  when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Mediterranean Sea' then 'MEDITERRANEAN SEA'
  else EEA_marine_assessment_area end
  as EEA_marine_assessment_area
  when EEA_marine_assessment_area in ('Baltic Sea','Black Sea','North East Atlantic Ocean','Mediterranean Sea') then 'Region'
  else 'Subregion'
  end as Type

FROM [WISE_Marine].[latest].[Marine_Protected_Areas] where EEA_marine_assessment_area not in ('Total')
order by Case 
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Baltic Sea' then 1 
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Black Sea' then 2
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Mediterranean Sea' then 3
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Adriatic Sea' then 4
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Aegean-Levantine Sea' then 5
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Ionian Sea and the Central Mediterranean Sea' then 6
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Western Mediterranean Sea' then 7
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='North East Atlantic Ocean' then 8
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Coast' then 9
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Celtic Seas' then 10
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Greater North Sea, incl. the Kattegat and the English Channel' then 11
            when EEA_marine_assessment_area='Macaronesia' then 12
            else 8 end desc

No data