EU 6th National Report to the CBD

The European Union has published its 6th Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2019 on final assessment of progress towards the 2020 targets. The main messages are that wetland, coastal and agricultural ecosystems, amongst others, are increasingly threatened across the EU from pressures such as land-use change, over-exploitation, pollution, invasive alien species and climate change. Although in general biodiversity trends are not good, there have been some success stories for many species and habitats thanks to the implementation of the EU nature legislation. Section 3 of the report contains the assessment of progress against the EU targets, these assessment are presented here along with the indicators used to produce them.

For more information on the Targets see below

Headline Target

Target 1 : Fully implement the Birds and Habitats Directives

Target 2 : Maintain and restore ecosystems and their services

Target 3a : Increase the contribution of agriculture to maintaining and enhancing biodiversity

Target 3b : Increase the contribution of forestry to maintaining and enhancing biodiversity

Target 4 : Ensure the sustainable use of fisheries resources

Target 5 : Help combat Invasive Alien Species

Target 6 : Help avert global biodiversity loss